25 Top Apple Arcade Games for Apple TV

25 Top Apple Arcade Games for Apple TV

Despite the abundance of exciting iPhone games, many of which are also compatible with tvOS, a significant drawback of the finest free Apple TV games lies in their inclusion of ads or implementation of a pay-to-win model. If you find these aspects irksome in contemporary mobile gaming, Apple Arcade presents an ideal solution. Offering a plethora of captivating games, Apple Arcade provides a refreshing alternative, devoid of paywalls and advertisements. Here, we present the 25 best Apple Arcade games for Apple TV.

Top Apple Arcade Games for Apple TV

Preferences in gaming vary widely among individuals. Whether your preference lies in shooter games, racing simulators, or adventures akin to Legend of Zelda, our curated list encompasses diverse genres to cater to every gaming taste.

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1. Cat Quest II

Cat Quest II stands as one of Apple Arcade’s most popular games for Apple TV. It unfolds in a fantasy world inhabited by cats and dogs, offering a 2D open-world action RPG experience centered on two kings striving to reclaim their thrones. Players have the option to control either a dog or a cat, embarking on solo adventures or joining forces with friends. The game introduces diverse weapon types, including master swords and staves, for players to wield. Additionally, its varied dungeons feature an array of traps and obstacles, ensuring captivating gameplay.

2. Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road Castle offers endless co-op platforming for you and your friends. Invite them to compete and see how high you can climb. While it’s designed for cooperative arcade fun, you can also play solo. The game easily connects all players on one device with controllers or across multiple devices. With regular updates adding new towers and characters, there’s always something fresh to explore. Plus, enjoy an offline mode for uninterrupted play.

3. Butter Royale

Butter Royale stands out as a unique Apple Arcade game for Apple TV. You can fight in squads against 31 others or go solo in this food fight battle royale game. Your weapons include bread-blasting tools, sauce-shooting, and more. Utilize power-ups to heal your squad and trap opponents in a flood or milkshake. Watch out for hot butter and seek safe zones when in trouble. Participate in daily/weekly challenges to earn XP, seasonable currency, and exclusive characters.

4. Disney Melee Mania

If you enjoy action-packed arcade battle arena games, Disney Melee Mania is a must-try. It pits Disney and Pixar champions in 3V3 multiplayer battles, offering a selection of holographic Pixar and Disney champs with unique skills. Additionally, it includes 5-minute melees for quick fights. Disney Melee Mania boasts various game modes with new challenges and hosts regular events for prize opportunities. Customize your clashes to match your preferences.

5. Fantasian

Set amid handmade dioramas, Fantasian is a vintage adventure RPG blending physical environments with 3D characters. You’ll explore numerous hand-crafted dioramas throughout the game, with a total playtime of up to 90 hours. The first half focuses on the story, while the latter half centers on quests, giving ample time to immerse yourself in the narrative and world exploration. A standout feature is the dimengeon battles, which offer various gimmicks and power-ups to enhance battle intensity. The soundtracks complement the gameplay with different layers.

6. Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2, an epic RPG, takes you on a magical journey across a vast world. As a young knight, your mission is to save the world from Warlock Mesmeroth and his dark army. You won’t be alone—you can forge robust allies to face Mesmeroth. With enthralling boss fights, numerous side quests, and clever puzzles, Oceanhorn 2 delivers an engrossing RPG experience.

7. SongPop Party

Very few party or family games rival SongPop Party. In this music trivia frenzy, challenge up to 8 friends online or locally. The ultimate champion emerges from the scintillating music challenge. Additionally, enjoy a solo mode to discover new playlists and hone your skills. With an ever-expanding roster of games curated by genre, artists, decade, topics, and more, SongPop Party keeps your party game engaging. Plus, enjoy hilarious avatars for added fun.

8. Assemble with Care

Assemble with Care is a captivating puzzle game with an intriguing story. Explore various objects and find the perfect way to restore them. Along the way, encounter different characters and solve their conundrums. What stands out the most about this game is the original 80s-inspired soundtrack. If you enjoy classics, you’ll appreciate the music. Assemble with Care also features beautiful graphics to feast your eyes.

9. Card of Darkness

If you enjoy playing the role of a savior, chances are that Card of Darkness is perfect for you. In this epic card adventure game, you must save the world from monsters by selecting the right cards. Cast spells, uncover secrets, and defeat monsters before they succeed in their plans. As Card of Darkness combines card and strategy elements, strategic planning is essential.

10. Games of Thrones: Tale of Crows

In the Game of Thrones universe, Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is a narrative idle game where you shape the Night’s Watch history. You face powerful enemies intent on eliminating you. Trapped in a world of unknown dangers and superpowered enemies, you must excel to achieve your goal. Make allies and seize every opportunity for expeditions beyond the wall. The gripping story, rich graphics, and soundtracks make Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows a solid bet.

11. ChuChu Rocket! Universe

Choose ChuChu Rocket! to indulge in intriguing puzzle games. With over 100 levels, it offers a vast roster of brain-teasing challenges. Solve puzzles, traverse surprising galaxies, and rescue your mouse-napped friends from King Kapu and his space kits. Are you up for these tasks?

12. EarthNight

Embrace the challenge of the dragon apocalypse in EarthNight, a timeless 2D side-scrolling adventure. Your mission: restore peace by vanquishing dragons. Leap and dash across dragonbacks, confronting over 40 foes in this adrenaline-fueled journey. Utilize your earned power-ups to enhance gameplay intensity. Traverse EarthNight’s five atmospheric layers for an unparalleled exploration experience. Beyond thrilling combat, discover its unique treasure: a stunning collection of 10,000 frames of art and animation.

25 Top Apple Arcade Games for Apple TV

13. Manifold Garden

If exploring vast worlds with numerous secrets is your priority, Manifold Garden might be the ideal Apple Arcade game for your Apple TV. You’ll navigate an Escheresque world where laws are twisted to challenge your patience and wit. Precisely, the geometry repeats in every direction. Fall down, and the game resets you to your starting point.

14. Exit the Gungeon

Exit the Gungeon on Apple Arcade offers captivating gameplay, emphasizing challenging bullet-hell mechanics as you strive to escape perilous elevators. Engage in fast-paced battles against formidable foes, utilizing a diverse array of weapons to conquer unique bosses and surmount unexpected obstacles.

15. Grindstone

Think you’re a master at solving mind-bending puzzles? If so, Grindstone is your ultimate challenge. In this sword-slashing puzzle game, face off against nefarious creeps who have hacked Grindstone Mountain. You’ve been summoned to confront them. Gather essential resources, gear up, and engage in intense battles against bosses. Stay vigilant, as creeps may attempt to trap you.

16. Roundguard

With a love for dungeon crawlers, Roundguard stands out as an exciting Apple Arcade game on Apple TV. Its pinball physics, abundant loot, and randomized castles brimming with oddballs make it a captivating adventure. Engage in battling hordes of monsters and challenging roguelike elements. Choose from various characters like wizard, warrior, and druid for experimentation. Enjoy daily puzzles to test your wit and compete on leaderboards for glory.

17. World’s End Club

World’s End Club, a thrilling action-adventure game, earns its spot on the top Apple Arcade games for Apple TV. Its captivating story unfolds through 2D side-scrolling action, following twelve 12-year-old kids embarking on a 1,200 km journey filled with twists and turns. Beyond gaming, it offers exploration of renowned Japanese locations.

18. Mutazione

Mutazione, a mutant soap opera, blends personal drama with high-flying adventure. Assume the role of 15-year-old Kai in a strange Mutazione community while caring for your ailing grandfather, Nonno. Your choices shape your fate, impacting your journey through making friends, attending BBQs, boat trips, and tending musical gardens.

19. Overland 2

Overland 2 is a turn-based survival game following a group of travelers on a post-apocalyptic journey across the United States. Besides battling fears, you must rescue survivors and scavenge for vital supplies like first aid kits, weapons, and fuel. Each action carries consequences, so choose wisely and seek dramatic escapes to survive. The longer you play, the stronger you become.

20. Creaks

Creaks, a puzzle adventure, appears as a complete package. Created by the developers of indie classics Samorost and Machinarium, Creaks aims to challenge your problem-solving skills. Encounter deadly furniture monsters that not only scare but also create obstacles to impede your progress. Beyond brain-teasing puzzles, Creaks boasts attractive hand-painted visuals, smooth animation, and eerie sounds that complement your every move.

21. Neo Cab

Neo Cab revolves around driving with intriguing twists that challenge both your patience and resilience in the face of life’s obstacles. After losing her dear friend and sole lifeline, Lina must continuously drive to survive, forging connections with passengers while maintaining a flawless rating to remain operational. She must also juggle financial demands without sacrificing her emotional well-being, all while navigating the enigmatic secrets of Los Ojos. Can she accomplish these tasks while upholding her perfect rating?

22. Reigns: Beyond

For those dreaming of space stardom, Reigns: Beyond is a perfect fit. In this thrilling game, you become part of an intergalactic indie rock band traveling between planets to gain fame and fortune. Encounter over 60 characters and face more than 1400 decision cards.

23. Stake City

If you enjoy skating, you’ll struggle to find a game that lets you skate more freely. Its standout feature is a solid collection of trick combinations, offering ample customization options. It offers two game modes: city challenge and endless skate. The former lets you explore like a local, while the latter allows you to set your own pace.

24. NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition

Whether you’re an NBA fan or eager to indulge in NBA matches, NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition caters to your desires. The game offers a roster featuring popular NBA stars such as Damian Lillard, Zion Williamson, and Kevin Durant. You can opt for a quick match in an NBA arena or on the blacktop, depending on your preference. For those seeking competition among friends, the multiplayer mode allows you to showcase your skills as an NBA legend. Conversely, if solitude is preferred, the MyCareer mode enables you to strive towards becoming an NBA star in your own right.

25. The Pinball Wizard

Finally, The Pinball Wizard stands out as a captivating pinball game, centered on ascending the castle tower, leveling up skills, and fulfilling your destiny as the ultimate wizard. This arcade adventure is initiated by a set of flippers, with each level defined within the tower, challenging you to reach the top by any means necessary.

Top Apple Arcade Games for Apple TV

That concludes our lineup of the best Apple Arcade games for Apple TV. Your hunt may have uncovered some noteworthy titles to fill your free time or rejuvenate your mood. Care to share your top picks? Don’t forget to mention any favorites that may have been omitted from this roundup.