15 Top CM13 Themes for Customizing Your CyanogenMod Experience

15 Top CM13 Themes for Customizing Your CyanogenMod Experience

CyanogenMod stands as the foremost custom ROM for Android, acclaimed for several reasons behind its success. Among its cherished features is its robust theme support. Distinguishable from mere launchers, CyanogenMod themes permeate the entire system interface, rejuvenating elements such as the status bar, notifications, navigation bar, fonts, icons, and boot animations. While an abundance of themes exists, discerning the superior from the subpar can prove challenging. Moreover, not all themes have been updated to align with the latest CM13 release, based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Fear not, however, as we’ve conducted exhaustive research and testing to present you with the cream of the crop: the 15 finest CM13 themes available.

Note: These themes are compatible with most custom ROMs that integrate Cyanogen’s recent CM 12 or 13 theme engine. Additionally, after installing a theme, ensure to reboot your device for optimal performance.

1. Dark Material

Dark Material stands as one of the most popular dark themes for CM13, and with the integration of another beloved dark theme, “Blacked Out,” it has significantly improved. This theme introduces a sleek dark aesthetic to CM, featuring minimalist icons that are truly captivating. Furthermore, it applies overlays to numerous third-party apps, achieving a cohesive appearance throughout the OS. Although not entirely black, we appreciate the infusion of grey-black tones across the interface. While it offers its own icon set, if you prefer Android’s native icons, you can opt for its Regression+ version.

2. Material Glass

If you favor transparent interface elements, Material Glass is your theme. It ensures transparency throughout, allowing your chosen wallpaper to adorn every interface and app.

3. Swift Dark

Swift Dark, perhaps the best dark theme for CM13, offers a cleaner black aesthetic across the UI compared to Dark Material. It strikes a pleasing balance between black and colorful elements, resulting in a beautiful interface. Additionally, it consistently updates to support a wide array of popular apps.

4. Coalfield

Coalfield, like other themes, brings a unique style to system elements and various third-party apps. What sets it apart is its variety of theme variants, offering users multiple choices. If you enjoy customizing your device’s interface, you’ll appreciate the abundant options for most UI elements. Another noteworthy theme by the same developer is Outray.

5. Euphoria

If you’re a fan of the Euphoria OS custom ROM, you’ll adore the Euphoria theme for CM 13. While it may appear as a typical dark mod for CyanogenMod, what distinguishes it is its focus on specific elements, resulting in a more refined appearance. Additionally, the fonts are stunning!

6. Flux

Confused between dark or bright themes? Flux has you covered. This theme, available in dark and white versions, brings a modern look to CyanogenMod. While some apps may not be themed, most popular ones are, which is what matters. The most unique aspect of this theme is its detailed graphics and design. Check it out.

7. Deep Darkness

Deep Darkness, originally created for BlissPop custom ROM, is now available for all CM devices due to its popularity. The theme offers layers for over 200 apps and 1600+ app icons. Additionally, it supports different color schemes through Arcus.

8. PitchBlack

15 Top CM13 Themes for Customizing Your CyanogenMod Experience

Dark themes are beloved by many, and if you’re a fan, you’ve likely come across PitchBlack. While most dark CM themes utilize grey, PitchBlack embraces full darkness throughout the interface. Notably, the developer ensures that black elements remain readable, enhancing the text’s legibility. The free version of the theme sports a striking black and red aesthetic, while paid versions offer additional color combinations like black and emerald or black and cyan.

9. H2OS

Hydrogen OS, developed by OnePlus for its devices, serves as the primary inspiration for the H2OS CM 13 theme. This theme features minimalistic flat icons and beautiful colors reminiscent of Hydrogen OS. If you’re a fan of the OnePlus ROM, you’ll appreciate it. However, it lacks layers for third-party apps.

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10. Ubuntu

Ubuntu Mobile OS offers a visually appealing interface. If you’ve desired a similar look for your CyanogenMod device, the Ubuntu Light and Dark theme is the answer. It mirrors the orangish aesthetic known from Ubuntu, including icons and keyboard.

11. MaterialUp

MaterialUp theme embodies Google’s Material Design UI language with meticulous detail across all UI elements and numerous third-party apps. Notably, while Google has yet to integrate bottom action buttons, a recent addition to the Material Design guidelines, MaterialUp incorporates them into the majority of its apps. Therefore, for those seeking the ultimate Material Design theme for CM, MaterialUp stands out as the optimal choice.

12. MaterialOS

MaterialOS theme for CyanogenMod 13 incorporates various Material Design concepts from the active Android community, bringing Material Design icons and themes to most third-party apps for a unified experience. While not as detailed as MaterialUp, it’s free.

13. Forto

Tired of monotonous colors or dark themes? Give Forto a try. This CM theme implements a bold, colorful look using almost all known colors without overdoing it. Overall, it’s a slick theme that will make single-colored themes less appealing.

14. Lone

Lone, a popular CM theme, offers a beautiful Red & White or Red & Black interface. The predominant use of Red, coupled with various customizations, and exquisite icons & widgets, ensures a stunning visual experience. Witness it yourself – it’s free!

15. Inversion UI

Prefer the stock Android interface but crave a darker tone? Enter Inversion UI. This theme “inverts” light backgrounds to dark-grey ones, maintaining simplicity while delivering a dark-themed interface sans alterations to icons or other elements.

Ready to enhance CyanogenMod 13?

CyanogenMod and Android boast inherent visual appeal, but these themes offer a refreshing variety. They enable personalization of your CyanogenMod experience. If you haven’t explored CyanogenMod themes yet, now’s the time. Share your favorite CM 13 theme in the comments below.