Discover Caviar’s Rolex-Inspired iPhone 13 Pro Max, Priced Over Rs 22 Lakhs

Discover Caviar’s Rolex-Inspired iPhone 13 Pro Max, Priced Over Rs 22 Lakhs

During Apple’s recent California Streaming event, the long-awaited iPhone 13 series was unveiled. Following this official launch, Caviar, a luxury iPhone-modding company based in Russia, promptly introduced its latest “Pair of Kings” collection. Among this collection is a model priced at over Rs 22 lakhs!

Let’s delve into the Caviar Pair of Kings collection, drawing inspiration from Rolex watches, before exploring the prices of these custom-modded iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max devices.

The Caviar Pair of Kings Collection

The Benvenuto Series

Starting with the priciest model, the Caviar iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Benvenuto edition draws inspiration from the Rolex Cellini watch, named after the renowned Italian artist and jeweler, Benvenuto Cellini.

The Benvenuto iPhone 13 series mirrors the aesthetic of the Rolex Cellini watch, featuring a white decorative design atop the back panel and genuine crocodile leather on the lower half. The upper portion is crafted from white gold in a mesmerizing design, adorned with the Caviar logo.

Regarding pricing, the Caviar Benvenuto iPhone 13 series begins at $25,080 (~Rs 18,49,436) for the base 128GB model of the iPhone 13 Pro and peaks at $30,780 (~Rs 22,69,763) for the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Aside from the Benvenuto models, Caviar has crafted additional custom-modded iPhone 13 models in the Pair of Kings collection. These include the Olive Rays, Dark Sky, Meteorite, and Yacht Club collections.

Compared to the Benvenuto models, the others are relatively more affordable. However, it’s worth noting that they’re all based on Rolex watch designs.

Olive Rays Series

Discover Caviar’s Rolex-Inspired iPhone 13 Pro Max, Priced Over Rs 22 Lakhs

The Olive Rays design draws inspiration from the Rolex Datejust collection, introduced in 1945 to mark the company’s 40th anniversary. It showcases a sunburst pattern and a metal-links-based design resembling a premium bracelet.

Prices start at $6,380 (~Rs 4,70,470) for the base model, reaching $8,450 (~Rs 6,23,115) for the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max variant.

Dark Sky Series

Caviar’s Dark Sky collection boasts an all-black design with gold accents, modeled after Rolex’s Sky-Dweller REF 326238. Prices range from $6,910 (~Rs 5,09,553) for the base model to $8,520 (~Rs 6,28,277) for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Meteorite Series

The Meteorite collection, inspired by Rolex’s Cosmograph Daytona, features a counter-weaved Carbon fiber design. Prices start at $7,060 (~Rs 5,20,614) for the base iPhone 13 Pro and rise to $8,680 (~Rs 6,40,076) for the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Yacht Club Series

Regarding the last and most affordable option, the Yacht Club design resembles the Olive Rays design, featuring a bronze-titanium panel and drawing inspiration from the Rolex Yacht-Master II collection. The Caviar Yacht Club iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models are priced between $6,540 (~Rs 4,82,269) and $8,150 (~Rs 6,00,993) for the highest variant.

Caviar plans to produce only 99 units of each design for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models. You can view the official promo video for the Pair of Kings Collection below and explore the collection on Caviar’s website.

Discussing the latest iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max designs, Caviar founder Sergey Kitov remarked, “Rolex is my favorite watch, and Caviar is my favorite creation. Combining the best of these brands into one luxury device was my goal with this collection. Hence, I named it ‘Pair of Kings’ because Rolex reigns as the King of watches, and Caviar stands as the King of custom smartphones and accessories.”