13 Online Quiz, Survey, and Poll Creation Tools

13 Online Quiz, Survey, and Poll Creation Tools

While the concept of “gut feeling” is familiar, we often prefer to base decisions on information rather than instinct alone. Gathering and evaluating information has always been integral to human life. Three common methods for this are quizzes, surveys, and polls. Conducting them has become increasingly convenient thanks to the plethora of tools available on the internet. Here are thirteen tools for creating online quizzes, surveys, and polls.

Free Tools for Quiz, Survey, and Poll Creation

1. Google Forms + Flubaroo

Google Forms, a complimentary online data collection and organization tool, stands as the newest addition to the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides suite. Backed by Google’s reputation, Forms proves itself a comprehensive service.

Beyond standard form creation, users access themes, image and video embedding, as well as page branching and skip logic. Furthermore, it’s mobile-responsive, facilitating easy editing and usage on various devices.

Responses are automatically gathered, processed, and displayed in real time. Seamless integration with other Google services enables data visualization in Sheets and supports collaborative form development. Users can both create and share forms or utilize shared ones.

Despite its features, there’s room for improvements with Flubaroo, an essential tool for teachers and educators. It’s a Google Forms/Sheets add-on enabling grading and performance analysis.

To utilize Flubaroo, open Forms results in Sheets. Access Flubaroo via Add-ons – Flubaroo in the Sheets menu.

As a teacher, key features include identifying students needing extra help and pinpointing commonly answered questions incorrectly.

Flubaroo emails test results to students. Free Gmail users can send 100 emails daily, while Google Apps for Education and Work users enjoy up to 1500.

2. Edmodo

Google Forms + Flubaroo combine to form a general form service adapted for education, while Edmodo was specifically designed for educational purposes.

Essentially, Edmodo functions akin to Facebook within an educational framework. Users can log in as teachers, students, or parents. Teachers have the capability to establish classrooms, post assignments, invite students and colleagues, share resources, and more.

Now, how can you create quizzes or polls? This feature isn’t immediately apparent as it’s just one component of the broader Edmodo platform. To access it, log in to Edmodo as a teacher, create a class/group, and navigate to it. The quiz tool is situated among the tabs above the group post field.

You’re able to include as many questions as necessary and select the question type for each: Multiple Choice, True False, Short Answer, Fill in the blank, or Matching.

Edmodo also offers free mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

3. ThatQuiz

ThatQuiz, a free alternative to Edmodo, specializes in creating quizzes for students. Upon registration, limited to teachers, create a class by providing a name and level, then add student names. Teachers can distribute tests to students via test codes, class website links, or email invitations.

What distinguishes ThatQuiz is its question repositories covering various school subjects, although it heavily favors Math. Creating a test is straightforward: select a subject, specify the number of questions, set the difficulty level, and activate the timer. Different test types offer additional options.

To create your quiz, select Design from the sidebar. Choose between a matching test or multiple choice.

While not winning any beauty contests, ThatQuiz efficiently accomplishes tasks. I crafted a 50-question English vocabulary test in under a minute.

4. Kahoot!

Kahoot! emphasizes fun and games with their motto: “Create, play, and share fun learning games for any subject, for all ages, for free!” It promotes competition through its Trending and Top Kahoot!-ers lists, fostering engagement in creating, sharing, and playing Kahoot!s.

Upon registration, you can immediately start crafting your first Kahoot!, whether it’s a quiz, discussion, or survey. Subsequently, you can share it globally. Kahoot! catalogs all creations made on their platform and ranks them by popularity.

Kahoot! excels in real-time competition, allowing multiple players to engage simultaneously via their devices using a game pin. One individual oversees the process on a separate device. It offers an engaging method for quizzes and enhances classroom activities.

5. PlayBuzz

PlayBuzz, an online quiz, list, or poll creator, emphasizes fun and sharing. Users can craft quizzes from various pre-set templates categorized by themes like countdown, swiper, poll, personality quiz, flip cards, and trivia. The platform encourages content virality, prompting users to share via popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Notable quizzes include titles like “At What Age Will You Die?”

6. Socrative

13 Online Quiz, Survey, and Poll Creation Tools

Some students stay quiet in class due to fear of ridicule, hindering the teacher’s assessment of their progress. Socrative offers an alternative solution.

Teachers sign up and create a classroom; students can log in without signing up. Once all students join, the teacher can pose quick questions and receive instant feedback. Quizzes or “space races” can also engage students.

Remember to change the room number in your profile after class to prevent unauthorized access.

7. TestMoz

TestMoz offers a key advantage: users can utilize its free service without registering. For those seeking a quick test creation and sharing solution, TestMoz is an ideal choice.

Simply click the Make a Test button to begin. TestMoz supports four question types and provides automatic grading. Optionally, users can sign up for an account.

Opting not to register requires users to remember the test password, as there is no recovery option. Additionally, users must save the test address to share with participants.

Registration unlocks additional features such as test management, test cloning, and a public list of all tests created.

8. Poll Maker

Quick poll creator? Check. 100% free? Check. No signup? Check. Add themes, mobile optimization, and click fraud detection; you have an unbeatable online poll creator. Not only that, Poll Maker also creates graded quizzes.

Create your poll directly from the landing page, and preview the final look beside it.

Click Create and receive the sharing link with social media buttons. Embed the poll on your website or share it via email. Access the poll results directly from the poll itself.

Signup is required for poll management.

Tools with Paid Upgrades

9. TypeForm

Typeform, self-proclaimed as easy, human, and beautiful, offers a free version that’s mobile-ready and unlimited in forms and responses. Upgrading to the paid version unlocks features like logic jump, custom email notifications, custom thank-you screens, and 2 to 4 GB file uploads.

Typeform extends beyond quizzes, polls, and surveys, allowing the creation of any form from scratch or using templates. Forms can be created without logging in, but saving requires an account.

10. ProProfs

ProProfs labels itself a “knowledge management software” and provides various products for users to choose from. While a free plan is available, it’s limited to public quizzes without reports.

Upon signing up, you can create a scored quiz, personality quiz, or select a template from their library of 100,000 quizzes. The quiz creation process is straightforward with various question types available. However, unless you plan to create private quizzes or your company has allocated sufficient budget, free alternatives exist.

11. QZZR

QZZR offers free use with a paid upgrade option for Advanced customization, reduced (or no) QZZR branding, data export capability, and more. The service caters to companies and businesses.

12. Survey Monkey

This service targets business users and specializes in creating surveys, as its name suggests. The free option allows for up to 10 questions and 100 responses per survey, which may not be sufficient for casual users. However, a notable feature is the ability to purchase targeted audience data, making it appealing for businesses in need of quick data collection.

13. Poll Everywhere

If you have a live audience and need to conduct real-time polls, Poll Everywhere is a valuable tool. No signup is required, and polls can be accessed via a unique link or text code sent from your phone, with results displayed in real-time.

The free plan limits poll participation to 25 people per poll.

Have you tried creating online quizzes, polls, or surveys? Share your favorite tool in the comments below.